Adapted Physical Activity

Adapted physical activities are an effective way to manage the side effects of cancer treatment and enhance physical and mental well-being. They can be done at any stage of the disease, and are tailored to the needs and abilities of each individual. These activities can help improve muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and quality of life. They can also help reduce fatigue, anxiety, and depression, and improve sleep.
The goal is to develop a safe and effective exercise plan that will suit your needs. Adapted physical activity is an excellent way to care for yourself during and after cancer treatment. APA helps fight recurrence and improves patients' quality of life. It is a way to feel more robust, and more in control of your body and mind.

Physical activity is practiced indoors and/or outdoors.

Financial participation is required: 15€/month for 1 weekly class and 21€/month for 2 weekly classes.