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Brachytherapy is a technique that involves the use of radioactive sources placed near or in the cancerous tumour to be treated.

A high precision technique

Its main advantage is that it can irradiate in high doses and locally while sparing the adjacent healthy organs as much as possible. It will also allow the ionising radiation, which will destroy cancer cells, to follow the movements of the patient and the tumour.

Brachytherapy can be used alone or in addition to surgery and / or radiotherapy. It is traditionally used for cancers of the cervix, uterus, prostate, anus and breast.

A high precision technique

Brachytherapy consultations and treatments are performed by Dr Alexander Falk.

  • Consultation at the Centre Azuréen de Cancérologie in Mougins in order to assess the indication and feasibility of brachytherapy for the pathology.
  • Treatment is carried out at the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice.