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Our equipment

The Centre Azuréen de Cancérologie is equipped with a modern technical platform.

Thanks to the 5 accelerators and a simulation scanner, we offer our patients innovative and proven techniques such as conformational radiotherapy, electrontherapy, stereotaxic radiotherapy or radiosurgery and conformational radiotherapy with intensity modulation.

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We offer radiotherapy treatments with volumetric intensity modulation on our 3 Halcyon accelerators. Equipped with repositioning guided by 3D imaging (CBCT) and infrared surface control, they make it possible to verify the area to be treated and the healthy tissues to be protected. Their double-layer multi-blade collimators deliver highly conformational and silent treatments.

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Truebeam Varian

The 2 Truebeam accelerators are used to deliver radiotherapy treatments with electrons or photons.  They are equipped with 3D imaging and synchronised breathing imaging in order to reposition with inframillimetric precision and to be able to best follow the movement of the tumour to be treated, in particular for stereotaxic radiotherapy.

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In order to be able to prepare for the radiotherapy treatment, a simulation scanner is performed with the doctor who will take care of you. It enables them to predict the volumes to be treated and to define the healthy tissues to be spared. Modular positioning and restraint solutions are offered, adapted to the patient’s morphology, to make treatment comfortable and reproducible.

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Luminous ceilings

Luminous ceilings and relaxing music

For more gentle treatments, our radiotherapy spaces have been specially designed with luminous ceilings like windows with a view of the sky. These sky projections and the accompanying sound system have relaxing and beneficial effects on patients.

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