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Chemotherapy includes intravenous chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy as well as oral chemotherapy.

All of these drugs are usually administered intravenously using an implantable device (port), but sometimes also orally. The infusions are carried out in the day hospital at the Institut Arnault Tzanck.

The choice of drugs as well as the way to administer them (oral or intravenous, duration and frequency of infusions) are defined by your oncologist, according to your pathology.

The infusion lasts from 30 minutes to half a day and may be administered on a weekly, fortnightly or 3-weekly basis…. Patients are offered snacks (coffee, biscuits…) and a light meal at lunchtime.

All treatments are prepared on site after medical and pharmaceutical validation on your arrival at the day hospital. Each stage, from manufacturing to administration, is strictly controlled.

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The patient pathway

Consultation with a doctor and development of a personalised care plan.

Meeting with doctors from several specialisations to validate the personalised care plan

Consultation with a specialist nurse who will offer the patient personalised support and information about their treatment plan.

Chemotherapy session at the day hospital or chemotherapy tablets to be taken at home.

Regular follow-up with an oncologist.

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